Kakuli Outdoor Gear

I had the privilege to rebuild a website for one of my favourite shops in Jeffreys Bay: Kakuli Outdoor Gear.

I enjoy knives and run a knife sharpening mini venture on the side.

In fact, one of the machines I use in this venture is a Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition which I bought from Hein at Kakuli. He gave me a good price and his service is excellent.

When I fetched the machine from Hein I mentioned that his website’s menu wasn’t working on my cellphone. I wondered how many people would have loved to contact him from their mobile phones, only to find out they can’t navigate to his contact page.

I went on to explain that I create mobile-friendly websites geared towards making it easier to reach more people from a single place.

I directed him to my website and it wasn’t long before we made contact again, this time as much to discuss his website needs as for me to collect my sweet new toy.

Better search engine rankings

One of Hein’s main goals is to rank higher in search for various search terms, including brand names he stocks.

I told him that it’s possible and that I’d be able to assist.

“Fake” ecommerce

One of the main reasons people don’t go for ecommerce is the cost involved in running an online store.

And there’s simply no guarantee it’ll work.

One solution I offer clients is to feign an online shop. I call it fauxmerce.

In other words, shape the website’s information in such a way so as to resemble an ecommerce shop.

In fact, in Hein’s case I even added a checkout system.

It works like an ecommerce cart but without the payment system. It’s essentially a quote cart. It doesn’t have the hefty monthly price tag a proper ecommerce system comes with.

If the content structure is any good, which I believe it is, Hein should see a significant increase in traffic. That traffic will show him over time if people react favourably towards his new site.

If they do we’ll continue to add products to increase traffic. And if it can be justified I’ll set up a proper ecommerce store with a payment facility.

Until then we’ll play the patient game.

Take a look at Kakuli Outdoor Gear for some seriously cool knives, non-lethal self defense products and camo clothing.