One of Jeffreys Bay’s foremost hangouts, Je’Vista Social Café, has joined the Bay Marketing Co family.

Although I’m a proponent of having a website with as much content as possible and as many pages as possible, Je’Vista opted for a simple one page design.

The reason for their decision is because they do most of their marketing through their Facebook page, which seems to be working well.

Since I had only one page to work with, I optimized it as much as possible, adding anchor links to all main sections on the site and adding as much text as made sense for their page.

The site contains a text menu which is a far cry from most menus added to restaurant websites, which is usually either in PDF format or pasted as an image.

The problem with using an image for a menu is that it doesn’t scale properly on mobile.

An image menu forces the user to pinch and zoom to try and make out what the establishment has on their menu.

Another drawback of using an image menu is that, even if only one price changes on the menu, a whole new image needs to be uploaded.

The text menu solves these two issues.

First off, it’s mobile friendly, which means it’s easy to read on a small screen.

Secondly, the manager of Je’Vista needn’t upload a new image whenever there’s a small change. She simply logs in, changes the price, hits the save button and exits.

As with all other sites, I’ve set up Je’Vista with analytics too, so they can see whether they’re performing well in search engines and whether people click any of the links on their site.

Visit to view their menu and go have a lovely pizza there while you’re at it.