Jeffreys Bay Bible Church

I’m happy to announce that Jeffreys Bay Bible Church, a non-denominational evangelical church, joined my stable of clients.

Here’s what I’ve done for them.

First off, some people visit a website simply to get contact details or directions.

JBBC’s chapel is situated outside of Jeffreys Bay and is often hard to locate for newcomers.

To skirt the issue I added a Map page, which contains a Google Map, Google Street View and standard image map with a downloadable PDF version.

Furthermore, I added the service hours right at the top of every page. You’ll know you’re on time or late just by taking a glimpse at the site.

The church posts their sermons to PodPoint, so I tied in the website with this service by offering a custom post type for sermons. The church member in charge of posting sermons to PodPoint now gets access to this section of the site from where he posts links to PodPoint’s MP3 sermons.

This adds another channel for those hungry for the Word of God to get to JBBC’s sermons.

The head pastor also wanted a section where elders could share interesting links, so I did a similar thing for links by adding a custom post type and granting access to certain members to post appropriate outbound links to interesting Christian finds.

All of these posts go out to the church’s Facebook page, as well as to a newsletter.

The website is a wonderful tool to encourage believers with and to challenge unbelievers and show them the way to the cross.

Visit to learn more about the church.