JBay FishFighters

South African fishing guide, Gerhard Guse, has more medallions than an African president. The crowning achievement of his long and illustrious career was twice being ranked top South African angler.

Tough job, but someone’s got to do it…

Any case, Gerhard has been using Facebook for more than a decade to market his fishing trips, but finally decided to get a website for his business.

I was honoured to be approached by this fine fisherman, since I myself am a keen angler.

I went to work building him a website geared towards making visitors understand that the main purpose of the site is to book a fishing trip.

The website highlights Gerhard’s skills as a fisherman; it also contains plenty of images showing off Gerhard’s clients’ catches.

One thing that’s important to take note of, is that Gerhard has the ability to log into his site so he can add articles and pictures as and when he wants.

He wanted a gallery page, but I convinced him to take a different approach. Instead of building a static gallery page, we set up a Gallery tag for his news posts. Whenever he adds a news post with pictures, he can tag it using the Gallery tag. That way he builds his news section WHILE building his gallery.

Here’s the real kicker though: if he does it this way, every gallery he adds goes out in the automatic newsletter I’ve set up for him.

The whole system is set up to give him serious online marketing clout without costing an arm and a leg. And learning how to work it is as easy as shooting fish in a barrel.

Facebook has become notoriously useless as a free marketing platform. Gerhard has big fish to fry, so he can’t spend his time trying to get more leads from the platform while the platform is trying to curb more and more of his efforts.

A website gives Gerhard more lines in the water, allowing him to land more clients.

Check out the FishFighters website.