Ferreira Post Distilleries

Ferreira Post Distilleries opened their doors on 20 November 2021. The journey to the opening, although not laden with difficulty, was not a short trip.

Anton Ferreira, the man behind the distillery, had a vision to produce a distinctive rum specifically in the Kouga region. The reason for that is that the Ferreira family’s roots run deep in that district.

The need

Anton wanted an online presence for his company that would reflect the professionalism of his brand, and so he approached us for a solution.

The solution

Good online marketing starts with a mobile friendly website, and that’s exactly what we gave Anton.

We built him a website that should, in years to come, bring him many clients.

The nice thing about his website is that he can use it to plug his latest news, product specials and events.

So whenever he has a rum tasting event or a new rum product he can post about it to his website and share the news from there.

Automatic email marketing

As with most of our other clients, we set up an automatic newsletter for Anton. Whenever he adds content to his website it’s sent out to newsletter subscribers. He doesn’t have to worry about creating a newsletter, which is a time consuming affair.


Anton’s website is a professional reflection of his distillery and will help him gain many more rum fans over the years.

Take a look at Ferreira Post Distilleries’ website and then go visit the establishment!