Die Walskipper

We had the privilege to add one of the Kouga region’s most iconic eateries to our family.

Die Walskipper has been serving succulent seafood dishes since 1997, and because of its proximity to the beach it’s an international favourite.

One of the owners approached me for a quote to rework their website, and I gladly accepted.

We souped up their website considerably.

One of the major upgrades was adding a mobile-friendly menu page. Instead of them having to upload PDF menus, which are hard to view on mobile devices, we added a page with their menu. It displays deliciously on a phone, making it easy for potential clients to see exactly what to expect.

One thing that they did not want to do, was update their website with fresh content. They preferred to use Facebook.

I challenged them to at least try posting events and specials to their website, and share what they added to their website to their social media, instead of ignoring their website in favour of Facebook.

The moment they understood the power of adding content to their website instead of to Facebook, the penny dropped, and they realised the benefits it would bring them.

We added two custom booking forms to their website. Although these forms don’t integrate with their management system, they simplify the process of quickly finding out if a table or the venue is available.

The owners receive these reservations and venue booking enquiries via email and can easily manage them.

The other important aspect of our product is the analytics report that forms part of their hosting package.

Just a quick glance at their report after a week with us is showing invaluable info as to where people are visiting from, which pages they’re visiting and which contact links are most clicked. This is the sort of info that turns into marketing gold, and it’s included in our hosting package. It’s not an optional extra.

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Your website will be user-friendly and mobile-friendly. Furthermore, the analytics report that forms part of our hosting package will grant you invaluable info to make the most of your restaurant’s marketing.

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Take a look at Die Walskipper’s website.