Deuce Real Estate

Real estate agents often pay BIG money to list their properties with large online property listing websites.

So when Deuce Real Estate approached me for a website I understood why.

They’re a new company and budget is a consideration. I went to work creating them a simple website to which they could post news, featured properties and holiday rentals.

They post properties to Property24, but I encouraged them to start posting to their own website immediately.

The reason is simple: by listing properties on their own website they’re building their OWN business, not someone else’s.

It saddens me to see how some businesses go about marketing online.

They post their products and services to tailored online services—not their own websites—for years, without considering what the cost is to their portfolio in the long run. (Nevermind the exorbitant prices some of these platforms charge!)

Why do they do that?

Because it’s convenient. And because the taste of immediate success is alluring.

The price doesn’t really matter, as long as it’s easy enough for them to do and as long as there are instant results.

Sadly, their long term success takes a serious knock at the expense of short-sightedness.

That’s why I was delighted to hear Laura-Jean, Deuce Real Estate’s principal, tell me that what I built them was “pretty nifty”.

In a few minutes I showed her how easy it is to add a property to their website.

And because each listing comes with a contact form, it’s quick and easy for a website visitor to enquire about a specific property.

And because Deuce Real Estate can add a code to each listing, they know exactly which page the form was sent from and the property or holiday rental in question.

Of course, their website comes with a host of other behind-the-scenes bells and whistles: SEO, mobile-friendliness and automated posting to a newsletter and Facebook.

Take a look at Deuce Real Estate and then book a consultation to discuss your website needs.