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I’m proud to announce that we’ve just completed an online presence for a good friend of mine, Jaycee Compaan-du Toit (his name’s a mouthful, but so are his corn dogs!)

His site’s a simple design, but optimised to perform well in his niche. And although we took pains to make it look nice on the front end, it’s popping the hood that reveals the real beauty of the website.

It’s built on WordPress, our preferred CMS, and every page is optimised for search engines.

But equally important to the onpage SEO is the automated marketing we’ve built into the site.

Whenever Jaycee posts a news item to his site, it’s automatically pulled into, from where it’s syndicated to the newsletter, as well as social media.

This is done automatically.

Jaycee’s looking to expand his business in the coming year or two, and judging by the interest in his product when he’s active at Milkwood Market (his home turf) or at other gatherings, things will bloom.

In fact, he’s on route to creating a franchise. So if you’re interested in working with Jaycee selling one of the Eastern Cape’s most delicious fast foods, get hold of him through his website, Corn Dog Team.

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