Brilliant Paper

A local manufacturer of toilet paper opted for a new website and reached out to me for a quote.

Their old site was not ecommerce capable and we did not convert it to a full ecommerce site either. We did, however, add a custom product post type with the ability to add prices and buy buttons.

The reason was that they’re using TallOrder POS to handle their in-store sales. TallOrder comes with ecommerce capabilities. So all we needed to do was grant the ability to add prices and buy buttons. Any buy buttons would lead through to TallOrder’s ecommerce store set up for Brilliant Paper. It’s a fantastic happy medium in my opinion, since this allows close integration with the company’s POS.

We set up the site to not show empty buttons or N/A text when a product didn’t contain a price and / or a buy link.

As with all our other clients we set up Google Analytics with a Google Data Studio report to show the company’s owner which pages are most popular, as well as which buttons are most clicked.

Furthermore, as with all other sites we set up, we’ve set up a search bar on the site that records what website visitors search for if they use the site’s search function.

All of these functions give the website owner a clear indication as to what the market wants from them.

Visit Brilliant Paper’s new site.