Bakkes Motolek

What a joy to do business with a like-minded individual; someone with a competitive spirit who wants to annihilate their competition online.

OK, maybe annihilate is a strong term, but when Dawid Bakkes of Bakkes Motolek approached me for a website for their business, he made it clear that he had online domination in mind.

Although Dawid runs paid campaigns through Google Ads (a brilliant strategy for his niche), he wants a website that also performs well in natural search rankings for long tail keywords. This would help offset Google Ads costs.

My solution was to create a landing page for each of the services he provides. Each landing page has a clear call to action and contains all the contact details necessary for people to quickly get hold of Motolek for whichever service they require.

The beauty of setting up his website this way is that he can plug in those landing pages with his paid ad campaigns (Google and Facebook). But if he decides to switch off his paid ads, those landing pages should still thrive in natural search rankings.

I also set up a news section for his site where he can share special offers and automotive tips. It’s a brilliant strategy to help him to the top of Google for a range of automotive keywords.

Visit Bakkes Motolek to see their range of automotive services.