Wessel van Dijk

Aspiring professional rugby player, Wessel van Dijk, gets a simple website to help market his rugby playing abilities to European teams.
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A young man from our has big dreams to play for a European rugby team.

One of the ways he thought he’d present himself to the market was through a simple, yet professional website.

And that’s why his parents approached us to build him a site.

It wasn’t long before Wessel’s website was up and running and featuring pictures and videos of him in action on the rugby field.

Wessel is a great rugby player. He has the skill to take him to a high level in a top European team.

But what many people don’t realize is that talent and skill aren’t enough in our competitive day and age. Marketing is essential. The only person who seems to get away with not marketing is Elon Musk, but even he knows how to draw attention to himself.

The rest of us must get the word out on our talents, services, or products if we’re to stand a chance.

Wessel’s choice to get a website will set him apart from other top South African rugby players in his age group, mostly because they’re content flaunting their talent on Facebook, which at face value seems valuable, but comes with a low return on investment.

If you’re a sports-person, a website is a great way to showcase your talents to scouts looking for what you’ve got.

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