Plastiflo needed a website where farmers could get information on livestock feeders and plastic water tanks, as well as request pricing.
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We had the privilege of working with Plastiflo, a manufacturer of polyethylene plastic feeding and watering troughs for livestock, to create them a brand-new website.

Their old website needed an upgrade in many areas.

First off, it wasn’t mobile-friendly. That means reading the site’s pages on a mobile device was a chore.

Their target market is the livestock farming community.

Most farmers are out of office during the day.

But smartphones make it easy for farmers to access information relevant to their farming activities.

But a non-mobile-friendly website makes getting the right information harder.

For a company like Plastiflo, getting a mobile-friendly website was of utmost importance.

But Plastiflo wanted to take things a step further.

They wanted their catalog available in digital format with an option for people to request a quote.

They don’t want an ecommerce solution because their pricing changes too often.

We created a digital catalog with proper product categories, and we added their products to the categories, but without prices.

Each product page contains a contact form that forces site visitors to add their personal details, including an address, before they can press the send button.

This makes admin easier, since the person in charge of sales doesn’t have to contact an interested party to find out their delivery details.

Once the visitor clicks the send button, all the relevant details are sent through, and a company rep can put together a quote and email it to them.

Of course, the website comes with all the other bells and whistles our full marketing website package offers.

Plastiflo’s website’s already showing a return on investment. They receive several quote requests on a weekly basis.

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