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Hein from Kakuli Outdoor Gear needed a website to help him rank better in Google for various search terms.
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We had the privilege to rebuild a website for one of our favorite shops: Kakuli Outdoor Gear.

Kakuli had a website going, but it was dated, and they didn’t use it for marketing.

First contact allowed us to explain the benefits of having a mobile-friendly website that’s constantly updated with fresh content.

It wasn’t long before we were commissioned to rebuild the Kakuli website, and today they’re picking the sweet fruit of their decision.

Better search engine rankings

One of Hein’s main goals is to rank higher in search for various search terms, including brand names he stocks.

We showed him how this is possible, and he latched onto the idea.


We set up Kakuli with WooCommerce, the world’s most popular WordPress ecommerce solution.

This allows him to accept payments using his favorite payment gateway, as well as accept EFT payments.

This is working well for him.

To be honest, there are better solutions than WooCommerce, but Hein is more than happy with the system as it currently runs, so there’s no reason to change.

Hein’s been seeing a significant return on his investment, with people abroad contacting him for his products.

That’s because we took pains to set up the site’s content structure correctly. This makes it easier for Google and humans to understand Hein’s site.

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