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Coda Music hits a high note with a website from us.
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When Coda Music approached us for a new website, we were happy to jump in and help.

They had a website, but it was dated. In fact, on one of their pages linking out to other businesses, it featured a logo for a restaurant that had been out of business a long time.

They also had some beautiful, yet useless pages on their website.

For instance, they had a page displaying Fender guitars, but it was just a list with images.

It served no purpose, nor did it encourage sales because they don’t necessarily stock the guitars on display (they stock some, but not all). It only leads to confusion.

So instead of focusing on vanity pages, we encouraged them to start adding news articles about new products as they come in.

They could, for instance, write a quick blog post about a new guitar that came in and give away a set of strings as a gift to the first five persons who order.

At a later stage, they could open their site for venues to advertise gigs. They could also use it to push music classes in and around their town.

The possibilities are almost endless with a great music website.

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